A noodly Christmas

flying spaghetti monster

All hail his noodly appendage!

Let me start this post by saying up front – I’m an atheist.  The main reasons I like Christmas is because I get a week off work in Summer without having to take any leave.  And I love putting up my Christmas tree. I love the lovely decorations on offer and I buy some new ones each year.

I’ve had a few different toppers for the tree over the years.  I bought a lovely home made peg lady angel from a market 20 odd years ago and for a long time this served as my Christmas tree angel.  Some years later, a beer company had a promotion offering a plastic David Boon figurine.  I tied some wings to his back and my Boony angel was next to top my tree.  He did a great job.

And then about two years ago, I saw a photo on good old pinterest of a crochet’d Flying Spaghetti Monster.  For those of you who don’t know of his noodliness, he is the deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  The followers of the satirical church believe humans evolved from pirates and they wear colanders on their heads.  Read all about it at the link.  It makes as much sense, in my opinion, as other religions.

Anyway … I made a spaghettti monster for my tree and it’s awesome.

flying spaghetti monster with cats

Tree with wise ginger men in position


10 December 2017. Christmas, crochet, finished project.

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