Peg people and a beer house

I have one niece (Scarlett) and one nephew (Darcy).  They live five hours away from me so I don’t see them often.  To compensate they come to visit me for a week over the school holidays.  My niece loves to make things so I plan lots of projects.  It’s basically a great excuse for me to make fun things.  One of those projects was peg people.  I’ve always loved them.  We made a family.

peg people

girl, boy, (disco) dad, mum

Over many niece visits and projects, I’ve found the hot glue gun to be very useful.  In this case to attach hair and arms.  I used a macrame method I learnt in primary school to tie the lady’s tops and the boy’s belts.  And that was it really.  I particularly live the dad’s afro which is a pom pom stuck on his head.  Not sure how the children ended up blond – maybe they are adopted.

Scarlett came up with the idea of making them a house.  It was a spectacular two story number made out of empty beer cartons.

beer house front

So much fun fitting it out! It had a kitchen, bathroom, lounge room and beds.

beer house

Only two of the family remain.  The other two came to a grisly end – being chewed up by the dog.


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A noodly Christmas

flying spaghetti monster

All hail his noodly appendage!

Let me start this post by saying up front – I’m an atheist.  The main reasons I like Christmas is because I get a week off work in Summer without having to take any leave.  And I love putting up my Christmas tree. I love the lovely decorations on offer and I buy some new ones each year.

I’ve had a few different toppers for the tree over the years.  I bought a lovely home made peg lady angel from a market 20 odd years ago and for a long time this served as my Christmas tree angel.  Some years later, a beer company had a promotion offering a plastic David Boon figurine.  I tied some wings to his back and my Boony angel was next to top my tree.  He did a great job.

And then about two years ago, I saw a photo on good old pinterest of a crochet’d Flying Spaghetti Monster.  For those of you who don’t know of his noodliness, he is the deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  The followers of the satirical church believe humans evolved from pirates and they wear colanders on their heads.  Read all about it at the link.  It makes as much sense, in my opinion, as other religions.

Anyway … I made a spaghettti monster for my tree and it’s awesome.

flying spaghetti monster with cats

Tree with wise ginger men in position

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Crocheting for marriage equality

WARNING: mildly political post

In recent months, Australia has been in the thick of a debate about marriage equality.  It has been a politically driven horror show steered by the right wing.  To show my support for those who where/are hurting because of the hatred and bigotry I did some crocheting.  My first effort was a rainbow sock for my letterbox.  On the day before the postal vote closed I came home to a thank you note stuffed in the top of the sock so I’m glad I impacted at least one person.

letterbox rainbow sock

I love it!  It will be staying up for as long as it holds up.  I’ve always liked the idea of yarn bombing.  Not sure wrapping your own letterbox in a sock could be classified as yarn bombing, but it’s a bit of a start.  I saw a newspaper article a few years ago about a 90+ year old lady who was yarn bombing in some Scottish town.  I hope I have a similar story.

I walk my dog Queenie every day.  She always has a crochet’d flower on her colour.  She’s a bulldog and for some reason people assume she’s a boy so I like to have some pink or other girlie colour on her.  I bought her a new purple collar and crochet’d a rainbow flower.  I made a few extra of a lady at work.

Queenie rainbow flower

We are at the end of the story now.  Tomorrow parliament sits for the final part of establishing marriage equality.  The people voted yes, the senate voted yes, now it’s the lower houses’ turn. No doubt there will be a bit more hate to come.  Which is a pity really.  Because in the end….

….Love wins.


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Rainbow dog and pram blanket

A lot of the projects I make are prompted by impending births by my friends.  Sometimes the babies are born and the projects aren’t finished.  Sometimes I get all motivated and actually finish them in time.  This project was finished on time for a dear friend’s baby who is now four years old.  That’s how long it’s been since I blogged!

rainbow dog head

The dog is from the Knitted Odd Bod Bunch by Donna Wilson.  I’ve made a few things from this book and they have all turned out great.  They can be a bit fiddly to sew together and finish off, but then I always find it hard to motivate myself to finish things.  And I made the dog a bit longer than the pattern, I wanted the stripes to be dramatic so the extra length helped with this.

The blanket is pram sized.  Bub was born in June so it got some winter use.  And I’m happy to say that the dog is still being played with.

rainbow dog and blanket




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Easter bunny goodie bag

I came across these little bags on pinterest.  They looked quick and easy and I had everything I needed in my stash so I made some for my niece and nephew for Easter.  I’m not sure my 7 year old nephew will care much but my 5 year old niece should like it.

ImageMy ancient sewing machine makes sewing a bit unpleasant.  It can only cope with straight lines and thin cottons so the felt was difficult.  I’m not sure it’s worth the investment for a new one given the limited amount of sewing I do.  It’s one of those conundrums i guess, if I had a better machine I might sew more.  I’ll keep thinking about it.

ImageRegardless, the bags are very cute.  Just a bit fiddly but as always I enjoyed the embroidery.  “Probably actually” says it only took her 10 minutes for each bag.  It took me about an hour each bag.  I guess I’m not very efficient!  I won’t be seeing the kids at easter so I posted them today.  They may not care about the bags but they will definitely like the eggs inside them!

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Felt bird garland

Once again, Pinterest has inspired me to make something.  I pinned this cute bird garland ages ago and thought it would make a nice christmas decoration.

As you might imagine it was really quick to make – it only took me an afternoon.  And it has looked nice hanging from the side of a doorway over the Christmas period.

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Advent Calendar

I’ve always loved advent calendars.  We didn’t have  one growing up and looking back, this seems a pity.  That’s not to say that our Christmases weren’t great.  Mum successfully passed on her love of Christmas decorations to me.  Putting up the tree is by far my favourite part of the season.

In early November I reviewed all of the things I’d pinned over the year onto my Christmas ideas Pinterest board and came across this advent calendar and decided to give it a crack.  I managed to finished it on 2 December and noting that November had a few days over 30 degrees that made it too hot to embroider I think this was a pretty good effort.

It was a very cheap project to make with most materials taken from my stash.  This is why it has a pink theme as I have lots of pink quilting materials left over from from other projects.  I enjoyed the embroidery but the sewing together was a bit of a pain – due mainly to my poor quilting skills.  And I should have hemmed the pockets because the linen blend material I used has a tendency to fray.

You can see my dodgy border in this shot – it’s best viewed from a distance.

Over all I’m really happy with it.  However, the down side of filling your own advent calendar is that there are no surprises.  A friend has kindly offered to fill it for me next year to get around this problem!

My favourite pocket is number 8

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Sunburst crochet blanket

I love the look of sunburst crochet.  The white with bright colours looks amazing.

This is my effort which turned out well.  It was supposed to be a cheap project to use up my stash but it ended up being quite expensive.  All the bright coloured wool seems to cost the most.  I ran out of some of the colours I wanted to finish the border with and I couldn’t find replacements.  Still, I love the finished product.

I used this pattern.  It was simpler than a lot of the patterns I found on ravelry.  I expect I might make another one of these.  Perhaps for a baby blanket if someone gets pregnant.  As for this one, it has pride of place in the spare room.

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Burp cloths and baby blankets

A friend of mine has recently had her first baby.  It was all very exciting and I wanted to make some things for her.  Someone suggested burp cloths.  One side is flannelette, the other side is terry towelling.  I bought a towel and cut it up.  The towel was quite thick.  Thinner terry towelling would have worked better and my machine would have handled it easier.

They have been a great success, the extra length lets them drape over your back to catch the baby spew without it getting on your shirt or whatever.

I also knitted a cot blanket using a pattern I had made before.  It’s a simple but pretty pattern.  It was nice to do some knitting again, although it gives me a very stiff neck.  I’m a tense knitter!  So I think I should probable stick to crochet.

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Lavender bags

Another 2011 Christmas present was lavender bags.  I used bits and pieces from my stash and I had the stuffing so the only thing I need to buy was the lavender.

I liked them so much I made some for myself.  If I made them again, I would be more generous with the lavender as they don’t smell as strong as I would like.  They were certainly big hit with my friends and family.

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